Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Greenlandic translations, Nardina Alongi and Novum Verlag scam discovered on Facebook

Das einzigartige Geschäftsmodell dieses Verlages besteht im gewerbsmäßigen Vertrieb von Plagiaten unter wissentlicher und willentlicher Verletzung des deutschen Urheberrechts. Über einen in München ansässigen Mittelsmann namens Greenlandic Translations (vormals Globale Kommunikation) werden von Novum gewerbsmäßig Übersetzungen von Manuskripten beauftragt, diese aber nicht bezahlt, sondern abgeleitete Versionen derselben als Raubkopien gedruckt und in Umlauf gebracht. Im Einzelnen verstößt dieses Unternehmen regelmäßig gegen UrhG §§ 2, 13, 19a und 23.
"Inzwischen sind mehrere Strafverfahren gegen den Novum-Verlag und seinen Helfershelfer Greenlandic Translations wegen Urheberrechtsverletzung und vorsätzlichen Betrugs anhängig." Betroffen ist u. a. das Buch "Jetzerla" der Novum-Autorin Marie Likisch.

Translation reads in English:

Meanwhile, several criminal proceedings against the Novum-Verlag and its accomplices Greenlandic Translations for copyright infringement and intentional fraud are pending. This affects among other things the book "Jetzerla" the novelty-author Marie Likisch.

I leave this without comment.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Scamming operation - Considering the weight of evidence published here how can Nardina Alongi defend scamming freelance translators.

Concerning Nardina Alongi and Greenlandic translations certain things always struck me over the sporadic cooperation I had with them - and how her scamming operation worked.

A brief resume of points that made be suspicious of Nardina Alongi as a professional business:

(1) The freelancers she employed changed constantly. I mean she had difficulty finding German > English freelancers - I mean even one or two and that language combination is rather common but no one would work for her - quite apart from the miserable pay and the impossible deadlines.

(2) Nardina Alongi constantly complained to me about other freelancers behind their backs. Even when under short deadlines from her it was extremely difficult to get rid of her on Skype and  her constant moaning about the quality of translations she received - although she is a staunch preacher of the 4 eye principle this basically never happened. Everything was last minute and often you were caught to translate something then in the middle to stop and translate something else which someone else had screwed up. The whole process was chaotic, unprofessional and she kept losing documents and asking for them again 2 or 3 times. This is not the hallmark of any translation agency worth its salt.

(3) Nardina Alongi is not a translator or reviser herself - in any language as far as I know. Her English is far from fluent. It is unusual to find people who are not translators or were translators running a translation agency.

(4) Her technical assistants changed constantly. They always - in her eyes - turned out wrong. I can name at least four in two years who have nothing to do with her and WANT nothing to do with her - without knowing the reasons - be they Turkish, Macedonian, Italian etc - they have all stepped back.

(5) Concerning payments when it suited her she would take charge of the situation when not she said she had nothing to do with finances that was the domain of her colleague Peter Rudolph but there was no clear delineation of duties. Today this, tomorrow that - just whatever pleased Nardina Alongi. She also lied on several occasions that payment had been made and she was then supposedly checking things with her bank to see what had happened. Nothing had happened other than Nardina Alongi lying to suit herself is what came out in the end. No conscience, nothing - just cock and bull stories to gain more time.

I hope that freelancers get a chance of read of these experiences before even thinking of working for her - at the prices she pays, take a step forward and let her find some other freelancer to fall into her trap.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fraud Squad now looking into Nardina Alongi and Greenlandic Translation

Latest news from Codex this morning:

Just for the record: I know from reliable sources that the criminal police and public attorney are now  investigating against Greenlandic Translations because of alleged fraud. Have the courage, folks! Go to the police! You may do so even online at this address: www.online-strafanzeige.de/ . Select any Federal Country, they will forward the files to the criminal police of Munich.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

And Martin should know Nardina ALongi is a scammer of the worst kind

Globale Kommunikation and its CEO Nardina Alongi are an embarrassment to the industry. They pay rock bottom prices (0.03-0.04/word), behave unprofessionally and simply stop paying their translators. They also operate under the company names GREENLANDIC TRANSLATIONS, BUCHÜBERSETZUNG.COM und LINGUAPOLY. Don't expect anything to be different from these companies as they are all run by the same woman. She deserves to go to court for everything that she has stolen from countless people. An absolute liar.

Nardina Alongi freelance translation scammer using Solomon here to comment

Nardina Alongi, folks, has resorted to using the name "Solomon" - she is so so wise - to respond to posts on this blog. Why Nardina Alongi does not use her own name will remain her secret - no prizes for guessing.

Anyway since she pays top dollar of 03 cents a word - sorry she says she will pay until you send an invoice and then the trouble starts. If I count up in Euros the money Nardina Alongi has swindled from freelancer translators you would get a shock. Thousand upon thousands of Euros. Just read the blog folks - Nardina Alongi earns her money stealing from freelancers.

And every day I find out more and more people leaving her services - from Macedonia to Turkey to Italy - at the end it always comes out. Nardina Alongi scams freelance translators.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Why Nardina Alongi disgusts me and many others as a scammer

I have been following your blog posts and I'm shocked at how many translators these people have scammed. I did some work for them about 3 years ago and they did pay me back then, and so I was foolish enough not to do any research on them this time around. I was only surprised that their agency name had changed from Globale Kommunikation to Greenlandic-Translation. I'm thinking of contacting a collection agency in Germany. I have also corresponded with the German-American Chamber of Commerce and their legal department. They need to be stopped, and collectively we may be able to reach that goal.

I can confirm that everything the other translators have been complaining about, they have pulled on me as well as 2 other translators who had been working on the same project, a book translation proofreading. They are now saying that they won't pay because of the many mistakes that were made, and that the publisher is now sending it elsewhere to proofread. All lies...

If there is anything I can do to help stop these scumbags, please let me know.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

More proof that Nardina Alonghi is a chief

Good morning Colin, My name is xxxxxx, I am from Ukraine, and I have been worked for Nardina and her friend Peter 6 months ago. I did a couple of big projects for the total amount exceeding 3000 EUR. Up to this moment, I received no cent from Nardina. I would like to join the initiated proceedings to return my owed money.